Department of Public Safety


History of Statesboro Fire Department - Hand drawn “Reel and Hose Wagon”The Statesboro Fire Department was established in 1905 after several major fires destroyed a local cotton gin and other important commercial buildings. A local groupof concerned citizens began to solicit funds from residents and businesses. With this money, they purchased a hand drawn “Reel and Hose Wagon” and coordinated the first all volunteer fire department for the community. W.D. Davis became the first Fire Chief to head the new department. Other volunteer members were W.B Moore, first assistant chief: B.P. Maull, second assistant chief: D.B. Turner, WM. Proctor, W.G. Jones, M.L. Glisson, D. Barns, Ed Cortledge, T.W. Forbs, Morgan Waters and J.H. Donaldson.

On January 17, 1912, it was announced that the City Council had arranged to equip the city Fire Department with “a modern fire-fighting outfit to include a hook and ladder truck, another hose reel and additional hose.”

The new hook and ladder truck arrived during the week of January 25, and the personnel of the department were increased from 12 to 24 members.

On Saturday May, 12, 1917 the Mayor, the City Council, Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, City Clerk and the City Engineer returned from Atlanta where they personally selected a new fire fighting apparatus and equipment for the Statesboro Fire Department. The department continued to grow and improve.

The department continued to be an all-volunteer fire department until 1960 when the first full-time firemen were hired. The fire chief position continued to be a volunteer position. Also, during the 1960s, the fire department acquired a second and third fire engine. In the early 1970s, the fire department acquired two more engines bringing the total to five, and in 1974 the first full-time chief was hired.

In 1979 the fire department moved from the location on the corner of Courtland and Siebald Streets, which the department had occupied since 1933, to a new and modern station on West Grady Street.

In 1981 the department purchased its first aerial fire fighting apparatus. A new state- of- the-art fire fighting apparatus equipped with a 50-foot telescoping ladder, a 1,000-gallon fire pump, and 50-foot water tower. In 1987 the department purchased another 1,000 gallon per minute pumper with a 1,000-gallon water tank.

During the 1990s the department purchased three new engines including a 100-foot telescoping aerial ladder truck with a 100-foot water tower. The remaining two engines purchased in the 1990s were each 1,000-gallon per minute pumpers with 1,000-gallon water tanks.