Department of Public Safety

Crime Reports

See what’s happening close to your home and get neighborhood crime alerts by email.  CrimeReports.com is an online mapping and analysis service that combines the value of SPD data with the ease-of-use of Google-based mapping.  Members of the public can view all of the city’s mappable police incidents on a high-impact map or in a summary descriptive format.  You may also sign up to receive free email alerts based on your own criteria (e.g. address, crime types, frequency, etc.).  You can also send a web-tip by clicking “Submit a tip about a crime“.

To see what crime has occured in your neighborhood and to sign up for alerts, visit crimereports.com.


How CrimeReports.com Works

First, go to https://www.crimereports.com/.

Finding Your Location

In the search bar, type in your address or city and state.  (Example:  Statesboro, GA)

You should then see a map of your area that looks something like this:


The map shows crimes in your area based on a default date range and incident type.


Map Tools

The controls for customizing the date range and incident type are located just above the map and to the right of the screen.

To adjust the date range, click on “Date Range” to adjust the begining and ending dates of your choosing.  Or you can choose one of for default date range settings of the past 3, 7, 14, or 30 days.

Once you have selected the dates you want, click “Apply & Close”.   The map with then apply your changes.


To change the Incident (or crime) types shown on the map click on “Incident Layers” located next to the Date Range button.

From here you can select all incident types, a single incident type, or any combination you want to see on the map.

Once you have selected the incident types you want, click “Apply & Close”.  Then map will then apply your changes.


 Incident Details

To view details about any of the incidents you see on your map, simply click on the icon.

You will see a small dialog box over the incident you clicked with details about the incident including the date, location, incident type, and a brief narrative of the incident written by the responding officer.

From this dialog box you can submit a tip about the incident to the Statesboro Police Department, or you can send the details to a friend via email.

For further viewing on incident details click on the Incident Details tab at the left of the map.

You will see a list of incidents displayed on your map.  The incidents on the list are based on your preferences in Map Tools.  You can sort the incidents by Crime Type, Date, or Distance from the location you entered in the search bar.

If you click on an incident in the list, the map will scroll to the corresponding incident and provide details concerning that incident.


You can print the Incidents on your list in a printer friendly format by clicking “View/Print List”.



With the Incident Information tab still open, you can click on Trends to see the incidents on the list displayed graphically.

If you scroll your cursor over different areas of the graphs you will see that they are interactive, giving you more information about what the graph is depicting.


You can also click the plus (+) symbol at the top right corner of each graph for a larger version of the graph which is also interactive.

Map View Options

You can chose to view the map as a street map, a satelitte image, or a hybrid (a combination of street and satelittle).

The controls for choosing which view you want to use are located just below the Map Tools at the top right of the map.

If you click on Satelitte View you will see a map that looks like this:


If you choose Hybrid you will see a map that looks like this: